Holiday Gifts (Teachers, Bus Drivers, Crossing Guards, Instructors, etc)

Yes, we are going there. Believe it or not, Halloween is right around the corner and after that I feel like someone speeds up the clock until the Holiday season. I think what gets me EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. is how I think I have more time for teacher/crossing guard/bus driver/etc gifts. But then…da da da daaaa…IT’S THE BEGINNING OF DECEMBER and I am scrambling! Whether you give to a teacher fund in the beginning of the year and just need a token gift, or need to give a stellar “thank you” gift this is the way to go. These token gifts act as a big thank you for caring for our little ones when they are not with us, right?! We like to be 1. practical, 2. thoughtful and 3. fun with our gifts for teachers and all other peeps that care for my child in place of us. So, I almost always give them personalized stationery. It is something we know they will always need and use, something that shows we thought about them early on rather than slapping together a gift and something affordable (let’s be honest, we have a lot of “extra” gifts to buy every year and we only have 2 kids!).

Truth be told - I usually go to Zazzle. They have a ton of options and you can keep your budget on track. This year we are loving…

They also have adorable post-it note options and here’s what we love:

You can add to your gift by creating matching products as well! Mugs, coasters, mouse pads, etc. Most of their products allow personalization and it is easy. Like I said, easy-peesy and thoughtful. Checked off your list. Boom. While you’re at it make some personalized post-its, note cards or stationery for your little ones to stick in their stockings!

Another one of my favorite Holiday gift options is a Mini Cookie set (in a Holiday theme, so fun!) from our favorite cookie maker around - Elise from The Cookie Studio NY. Elise doesn’t typically ship, but would consider it if you order early enough. This is another great way to get ahead of the Holiday shopping/gifting game and check things off of your list! If The Cookie Studio NY doesn’t work out you can always research specialized cookie bakeries near you and put together a little gift set. If there is one we should know of please let us know in the comments below!

Image credit, Zazzle + The Cookie Studio NY
Illustration, Brick and Bloom Co.
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