Itsy Bitsy - Winter Boots!

My friend texted me yesterday - "You know those mornings when no shoes fit?!". Umm, yes, I do. Quite well, actually! Unfortunately. The two of us had recently exchanged thoughts on winter boots for the upcoming season. The past few years we've done these - GAP KIDS COZY DUCK BOOTS - and have loved them. They are winterized, water-proof and best of all they were a one-shoe deal for kids. They could rock 'n roll in them on the playground and in the classroom and even the snow. Well, I went to order a pair for the girls and was upset to find out that Gap is now charging $80/pair! Sad face. So, my friend (and very trusted mom adviser) sent me a pic of her older daughter in a knock-off pair from Target. Love it. Getting on it. You should too! Let's face it - they will wear them for what seems like 2 seconds, but are a staple in their winter wardrobe.