Thank you! NO, thank YOUUU!

Bitsy is big on the thank you note. We feel the nicest way to personally thank someone for their thoughtfulness is to send them a hand-written note that you've spent time crafting letting them know why you appreciate their gift so much and how it has impacted your life for the better. Growing up, it was automatic that my mom expected us to write someone a thank you note very shortly after receiving a gift or nice gesture. Hence, the reason for this post... This being said, we (totally!) understand that you are busy and we certainly understand that your 3/4/5-year old isn't going to write their own thank you notes. Let's face it, they are barely thanking us for wiping their bums all day, every day! However, what better way to start teaching them the value of a proper thank you than to have them involved in "writing" their own from when they are itty bitty?! Over the years, Bitsy has slowly eased Lucy into this process. When she was 3 we had her draw a "picture" on the thank you notes we sent out from her. When she was 4 we had her do the same. This past year - turning 5 - has opened up a world of responsibilities so we have her sign her name to all of the notes.  Next year, we plan to have her "write" her own via the fill-in style (see below). Eventually, by the time she is 7 or 8 we are hoping she will be able to sit down and understand the process of truly, genuinely thanking someone on paper.

We find it so exciting to receive a card in the actual mail. There is something special and personal about thanking someone for their thoughtfulness with an actual pen + card stock. That moment you open up a thank you note and realize that you had made someone happy. Priceless. Long live snail mail and the thank you note!

Bitsy has been in search of cute thank you note ideas for little ones. We hope you find a design/style you like and that suits your child's age and your family's lifestyle. And, we THANK YOU for reading!

Thank You Notes!
Thank You Notes!

The Stationery Studio Christmas Fill In Thank You Notes, $46- (Set of 25)

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