Let the Sun SHINE (please)!

Ut Oh – looks like the Seed Heritage Bird Bather Swimsuit was pretty popular (I totally get why)! Since it seems to be sold-out, here are a few other options that are quite adorable…

a. (Another super cute - and funky! - option from Seed Heritage) girls parrot bather

b. bon voyage kids luca bynn swimming costume floral

c. bon voyage kids tucana kids swimming costume polka (LOOK at the back pockets!!)


This time of year I almost always find myself dreaming of sunny summer days. We head to Florida in April every year with my family (usually for Easter). So, right after the stroke of the New Year I start thinking about what to pack. Call me crazy, but it gets me through the Connecticut January, February + March months – ohhh these dreadful months.

Having worked in retail I’m also trained to think “resort wear” – even if it means doing so while building a snowman in my yard. As I dream of palm tree breezes, I thought I’d share what I’ve found for the mini shes and hes in a warmer climate – whether it be their hometown, a vacation or a countdown to a vacation. These sunny outfits will keep your little one's bod looking fresh…

11 - Let the Sun SHINE (please)!.jpg

- outfit 1 (top left) -

carters relaxed checked shirt

(green, also available in blue)

seed heritage boys chino pant

(brilliant yellow, other colors available)

seed heritage canvas pull on runner

(navy, also available in “red bug”)

- outfit 2 (top right) -

eloise and oliver swim trunks

toms chambray bimini tiny toms classics

(also available in youth sizes)

- outfit 3 (bottom left) -

thumbeline djaknemala palm bubble dress

soludo classic stripe original

(navy, also available in “white red”)

- outfit 4 (bottom right) -

seed heritage birds bather swimsuit

(soft aqua)

seed heritage fisherman jelly sandal

(navy, other colors available)

*Photo credit to each brand