Having a little one during the Holidays is challenging - for many reasons. But if you want to know honestly, what I find most difficult during the Holiday prep season when kids are 3-5 years old is how their “Santa List” changes at a rapid pace! Greer was 4 this past Christmas and had a very solid Christmas list. I always go for the top 3 and figure I can talk my way (Santa’s way - you’re welcome, big guy!) out of the things they “didn’t get”. Most of the time this isn’t even an issue because my girls are so pumped with what they did receive that they forget about what they didn’t.

This leads me to this year. I knocked the 3 “musts” off of Greer’s list early and felt as if I was off to the races. At this point I was thinking executing Lucy’s list was more challenging because she is older so keeping the magic alive just has me thinking more. So, we took the girls on our annual trip to NYC to see the Rock Center tree 3 days before Christmas. Always, along the way we hit up our favorite children’s boutique An.Me in our old hood (East Village). Well, Greer locked her eyes on a “sparkly dress” while were there. They only had one left and it was not in her size. Also, it was pricey and we had already completed their Christmas shopping so spending that extra $$ would have swayed our hard work. Also, I am all about even-steven on Christmas so this meant I would have had to find something extra for Lucy and that just wasn’t happening. So, I crossed my fingers and truly thought (really hoped) that Greer would forget about this dress.

Well, she didn’t. And, she still hasn’t. Total "#Momfail. So this past month I’ve been on the hunt for a sparkly dress for Greer. She doesn’t know it and we will wait to give it to her for Valentine’s Day or Easter. The kid totally has a style desire and has stuck to it, which I completely appreciate.

Today Im sharing the sparkly dress I discovered - and from a favorite brand. Its a little more than I want to spend, but what I love about it is that is pretty simple, yet has that sparkle quality that I know Greer will admire. Also, I dont mind a shirt and/or leggins underneath it to dress it down in cold temps. I don’t mind glitz - I just need it to be done in good taste LOL!

Metallic Girl’s Dress, $59-

Dress image credit, COS Stores.