Valentine Cards!

Bitsy’s Favorite Valentine Creations For 2019

Just like our Christmas cards this past year, I am outsourcing our Valentines! We need easy-peesy (mama’s got a lot on her plate in 2019!). Actually, I typically try to do this every year. I find Valentines that the girls can help create, but make sure they aren’t going to take over our lives. A couple of times Ive made the mistake of falling in love with a design that I can’t talk myself out of while telling myself they will be easier than they look. Yet, there I am stressed and overwhelmed! Don’t get me wrong, they are usually worth the time and I end up loving them (like when we did THESE!). Some years, however, there just isn’t enough time for them to take up more of MY time than my daughters’!

The way we usually go about picking Valentines for the kids is this…I show them a few examples from my PINTEREST account. Normally I zero-in on themes my girls are currently obsessing over (dinosaurs, gumballs, kites, heart glasses). Then I let them choose one (!) among the choices. I try to get the girls to choose by around this time in January so that I have time to source materials/print/prep. That way, if we end up stuck in the house because of a snow day or frigid temps, I am armed with what we need to start creating their valentines! Also, this hopefully avoids me not getting stressed out and up late on Feb. 13th to finish them!!

All that being said, we’ve been on the hunt for the right valentines for Lucy and Greer these past few weeks. Here are some of our top picks (source links listed below):

Punch Valentines
Dino Valentines
Confetti Hearts
Pencil Valentines
Gumball Machine 3D

And in case the Gumball Machine in the 3D version seems a lot to take on this is just as cute:

Gumball Machine Flat

Most of these seem managable. Some of the more intense crafting options are better suited for Lucy (at 7.5 years old) because she can handle most of it on her own. That’s kind of how we’ve always rolled - choosing the option where she can manage it on her own with only a little adult help. However, my mind is at a different point this year! I’m really loving the the free printables where we can stick something on and they get to sign each one :). Done and done. Not to be a Scrooge hah!

Cant wait to share which valentines my girls choose! Stay tuned….

Image credit to each brand.