Valentine Cards!

Just like our Christmas cards this past year, I am outsourcing our Valentine’s! We need easy-peesy. (Mama’s got a lot on her plate in 2019!) Actually, I typically try to do this every year. I find Valentines that the girls can help create, but make sure they aren’t going to take over our lives. A couple of times Ive made the mistake of falling in love with a design that I can’t talk myself out of while telling myself they will be easier than they look. Yet, there I am stressed and overwhelmed! Don’t get me wrong, they are usually worth the time and I end up loving them (like when we did THESE!). It’s just that some years there isn’t time for them to take up more of MY time than my daughters’! All that being said, we’ve been on the hunt for the right Valentines for Lucy and Greer these past few weeks. Here are some of our top picks (source links listed below):

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