shake your booties

All of a sudden you have a walker on your hands and no shoes! I remember calling my mom and saying ‘HELP! Where do I look?!’. Luckily my mom had a nice little tradition to take every grandchild for his or her first “real” pair of shoes. So, we made a day of it and headed down to Little Eric (in Greenwich, CT) to get Lu’s little tootsies sized. She tried on a ton of different “walkers” and we had a ball.  Of course, I did not want to sacrifice her look so I drove myself nuts looking for the most perfect pair. I found a beautiful off-white patent mary jane that looked great with over-alls, but were also special enough for her dresses, the holidays, etc. If you don’t have a great children’s shoe store nearby and are at the mercy of the Internet, above are a few adorable, classic and smart styles (worthy of bronzing).

*Photo credit to each brand